Ordering Free Travel Guides

Travel guides can be quite handy. Most times the kids flip through them right away and then that’s it. But there are times we’ve found interesting places to visit or have learned something new about a state. In any case, it’s normally a quick process ordering travel guides. When you’re planning a large trip though and have several guides to order, it can be time consuming. For anyone looking to order multiple guides, I recently discovered hotelguides.com has listed all the states and their links to ordering each states travel guides. I tell ya, if you’re ordering them all (as I just finished doing, lol) it can be time consuming but their list made it go quite a bit faster. It cut out Googling the websites needed. In addition to travel guides, you’ll find most provide maps as well and then a few offer many brochures to more specific destinations (like you find at welcome centers). I did go ahead and order some of those because although they are readily available right as you enter a state, it still feels kind of list minute and that doesn’t usually work out for us. Ordering them ahead of time allows us to plan ahead if we find we want to include those destinations in our plans. I’ve included the link to the travel guide list below.


Author: The Rutherford Adventures

Hi! I'm Amanda, a wife, caregiver to my Parkie hubby, homeschooling mom of three and recently have become a soap making enthusiast. My hubby and I have had many an adventure over the years, our most recent being homesteaders in a small rural area of Alabama. We currently have chickens, a dairy goat we've lovingly named Georgia, three young Hereford pigs, a livestock guardian named Snow whom our children adore and two spoiled cats named Felix and Emma. Soon, we plan on embarking on our biggest adventure to date, an extended cross country trip around the United States. Our longest trip was a two week trip to New York and Canada and I thought that was long! So, thank you in advance for visiting my blog, my first by the way! I hope I have something to offer to my readers. Happy reading!

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