A Tip for Ticks

My daughter had a small tick on her head yesterday and I thought I might share what I do when I face these little stinkers. Some people go straight for the tweezers. Yea, you could do that and risk damaging the head of the tick, leaving part of it still in the skin but I personally would prefer not to take that risk. My favorite go to method is… Tea tree oil! I take a qtip with the tea tree oil one end and I roll it underneath the tick, near the head, and keep rolling till it releases on its own. I will add, the brand you use may make a difference in how well this method works. I have found the tea tree oil I normally buy from Wal-Mart works great! The last bottle of tea tree oil I bought, I bought at CVS. It did not work as well as I would have liked and didn’t even smell as strong as the bottle from Wal-Mart. After the tick is removed I dab a little of the oil on the site as tea tree oil has antibacterial properties. Do you have any safe methods of removing ticks? Feel free to share!

Author: The Rutherford Adventures

Hi! I'm Amanda, a wife, caregiver to my Parkie hubby, homeschooling mom of three and recently have become a soap making enthusiast. My hubby and I have had many an adventure over the years, our most recent being homesteaders in a small rural area of Alabama. We currently have chickens, a dairy goat we've lovingly named Georgia, three young Hereford pigs, a livestock guardian named Snow whom our children adore and two spoiled cats named Felix and Emma. Soon, we plan on embarking on our biggest adventure to date, an extended cross country trip around the United States. Our longest trip was a two week trip to New York and Canada and I thought that was long! So, thank you in advance for visiting my blog, my first by the way! I hope I have something to offer to my readers. Happy reading!

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