Change of Plans, Again

Plans don’t always go as we want, it’s taken longer than we had hoped to get to the Canada border and by the time we made it to the border, it was too late. The fires in Canada and Yukon had spread too far west and the roads we would have taken were closed.

It’s a bummer, of course, but we do our best to stay positive and look forward to our next adventures, like visiting Yellowstone! We had such a great time visiting the different areas of the park that we didn’t get to see a few years ago when we drove through briefly on our way to visit family. Our last visit, we got to see a heard of bison (up close and in the safety of our van!) and even saw a HUGE porcupine (my first time seeing one in person). This time we didn’t get to see bison, or porcupines, lol, but we saw plenty of raven’s. Did you know, they like to sneak in and take things when you turn your back?? Lol. One ranger told us a few experiences, including one where another ranger’s radio was taken from him by a raven! And a man lost his wallet to a raven? Sneaky little things, aren’t they?? So funny!

We look forward to our upcoming adventures and also the day we get to fulfill our dream of visiting beautiful Alaska. And of course, we are SO looking forward to the total solar eclipse this morning!

More to come! Visit again soon, I’ll be adding photos!

Author: The Rutherford Adventures

Hi! I'm Amanda, a wife, caregiver to my Parkie hubby, homeschooling mom of three and recently have become a soap making enthusiast. My hubby and I have had many an adventure over the years, our most recent being homesteaders in a small rural area of Alabama. We currently have chickens, a dairy goat we've lovingly named Georgia, three young Hereford pigs, a livestock guardian named Snow whom our children adore and two spoiled cats named Felix and Emma. Soon, we plan on embarking on our biggest adventure to date, an extended cross country trip around the United States. Our longest trip was a two week trip to New York and Canada and I thought that was long! So, thank you in advance for visiting my blog, my first by the way! I hope I have something to offer to my readers. Happy reading!

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