Second Stop, Arkansas!

Our second week on the road was definitely a blast. We got to stay with family, my favorite cousin and his beautiful wife. I could go on forever on how much I love them, but I’ll spare y’all the mushy stuff, lol.

Aww, they’re so sweet. Whenever they are in arms reach, they’re holding hands. The kids like getting in on the hand holding action as well, hehe.

The first outing they took us on was awesome, they took us to the Wild Wilderness Drive Through Safari in Gentry, Arkansas. I’ll tell you right now, it is well worth going to. Our kids had such a blast and you know if the kids are having a blast, we’re having a blast. When you first pull in you will see an outside gift shop and concession stand, and restrooms are also available. I highly suggest you use them before entering the Safari, especially if you have little ones as it is a 4 mile drive through.

This is the entrance to the petting zoo area. It’s hard to tell but to the right, in the background, is a building where you pay when you first enter. Also, opposite of this view is the concession and outside gift shop area, along with picnic tables.

You have the choice of visiting the “petting zoo” first or taking the Safari. We went with the petting zoo. There were quite a variety of animals you can pet ranging from pot belly pigs (hilarious little things!) to emus and kangaroos! You can buy a bag of food for $1 per bag but we brought a couple loaves of bread instead. The bread can only be given to certain animals so please keep that in mind when you visit. There are other animals you may pet and feed but they require a special diet which excludes bread. There were a couple employees that were near those animals and handed out food for visitors to feed animals such as the kangaroos and giraffes!

See that cute little gal up top? She is hilarious! She bounces as she runs, like she’s on cloud 9. She is one happy pig!
Even the goat was very laid back. I know some may be intimidated by a goat with it’s horns intact but this was a very sweet goat that follows visitors around like a sweet puppy dog.
Momma donkey and new baby. So fluffy! Getting ready for winter.
It was definitely nap time for the kangaroos. They had a lot more than I would have expected. Several babies and one was recently out of the pouch, awww.
This cute little guy woke up for a treat. Still sleepy though, lol.
I got to feed one!
Pumba! Lol. They had several warthogs. I think this was the first time we had seen one in person.
Sweet, silly giraffes. They love their veggies!

They also offer pony and camel rides. Pony rides were $3 and camel rides were $5, when we went. A note on the camel rides, they LOVE their snacks! If you have bread with you, they won’t move til they get their treat! So funny.

Caption this! Silly camel.

After petting and feeding the animals, we took a break, washed our hands and had lunch! We took our own lunch but I will add that whatever food they had at the concession stand smell pretty tasty. They have a few tables you can sit and eat at and it wasn’t too busy when we went, on a Monday, so no waiting for tables. And before I forget, they also have little wagons you can rent for kiddies who want to be pulled around the petting areas. We didn’t need one so I don’t remember the price.

Now onto the Safari! This was our family’s first safari experience. If’ you’ve never been to one, you drive your own car through. They have rules and reminders when you enter to keep your windows up during your drive through. This is for your protection. The animals are well mannered but we had a car in front of us that did not follow instructions, were enticing the ostrich and let’s just say they put their windows up after that encounter, lol. It really does make it more enjoyable when people follow the rules, especially when it’s for their own safety. Visitors are also asked not to feed the animals on safari, and if you want to stop and look longer, there is plenty of room to pull over so the cars behind you don’t get blocked and have to wait. That was something else we experienced. It doesn’t hurt to be courteous. But aside from those we had a blast! If you’re in the area or can make a detour, I highly recommend it, ESPECIALLY if you have children that love animals.

Author: The Rutherford Adventures

Hi! I'm Amanda, a wife, caregiver to my Parkie hubby, homeschooling mom of three and recently have become a soap making enthusiast. My hubby and I have had many an adventure over the years, our most recent being homesteaders in a small rural area of Alabama. We currently have chickens, a dairy goat we've lovingly named Georgia, three young Hereford pigs, a livestock guardian named Snow whom our children adore and two spoiled cats named Felix and Emma. Soon, we plan on embarking on our biggest adventure to date, an extended cross country trip around the United States. Our longest trip was a two week trip to New York and Canada and I thought that was long! So, thank you in advance for visiting my blog, my first by the way! I hope I have something to offer to my readers. Happy reading!

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