The Money Pit on Wheels

Have you seen the 80s movie “The Money Pit” with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long? If not, it’s a great movie. It’s one of my favorite Tom Hanks movies. But if you remember, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Well, that’s how I currently feel about our TT (travel trailer). So far we’ve had to improvise to get our AC to work (we need to order the part to fix it properly but thankfully it does work), repaired the kitchen sink (I think it was a bad seal, I didn’t really ask hubby, lol), the toilet wasn’t filling with water so we’ve had to do that manually and then the handle broke as well making it difficult to flush but we went out yesterday and bought a brand new toilet (I’ve never been so excited to buy a new toilet!). We also picked up a dehumidifier because our daughter noticed mildew starting to appear in her bunk area (yikes!).

unnamed unnamed (1)

We also had to order a new bathroom sink because our current one has hairline fractures all over the underside and was leaking until hubby covered it with black electrical tape (it works!). My husband accidentally broke the hose going to the shower head (really? Lol) so we bought a new hose today, as well as a new door knob for the bathroom door since it fell apart, lol. After installing the new toilet we noticed a little water still on the floor that we know didn’t come from the toilet. So hubby looked under the bottom bunk, sure enough there’s a pinhole leak in one of the hoses. Great…. Well, we’ll be taking care of that tomorrow. All the repairs and replacements we’ve had to do currently have me wondering…. “What else could go wrong??” There are a few other little things we need to do but nothing like the things already mentioned. The good thing though is we’re finding and getting these things done now, before our launch. Better now than on the road!


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Author: The Rutherford Adventures

Hi! I'm Amanda, a wife, caregiver to my Parkie hubby, homeschooling mom of three and recently have become a soap making enthusiast. My hubby and I have had many an adventure over the years, our most recent being homesteaders in a small rural area of Alabama. We currently have chickens, a dairy goat we've lovingly named Georgia, three young Hereford pigs, a livestock guardian named Snow whom our children adore and two spoiled cats named Felix and Emma. Soon, we plan on embarking on our biggest adventure to date, an extended cross country trip around the United States. Our longest trip was a two week trip to New York and Canada and I thought that was long! So, thank you in advance for visiting my blog, my first by the way! I hope I have something to offer to my readers. Happy reading!

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